What Are All My ClickSocials Features?

In this article, you'll learn how to find and access all of your ClickSocials features.


After you've logged into your ClickDesigns account and are on your dashboard, to access ClickSocials, simply select the "Templates" section above your dashboard.

This is going to allow you to view the different categories of done-for-you templates to choose from. To access ClickSocials, choose the "Socials" category and click on it.


Opening up ClickSocials is going to show you different categories of social media platforms, as seen here. The following social media platforms covered by ClickSocials are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

On the left side under each category, you'll be able to view all the different types and styles of post templates according to each category, as well as their dimensions.

When you scroll through the templates underneath each social media platform, a button that reads "View More" should allow you to view more of the many templates that ClickSocials has to offer.

Once you find a template you want to work with, simply hover over it and click on the "Edit" icon. This is going to open up the ClickDesigns Editor.


Now, let's try editing our design using the Image Post Creator. Once the ClickDesigns Editor is opened up, you can launch the Image Post Creator by choosing the "AI Image" category on the sidebar of the Editor.

This is going to launch the ClickSocials Image Post Creator.

Here, you can type in a prompt of any image you wish to generate, choose a variation or style of image, as well as an aspect ratio. When finished customizing your AI Image prompt, click on "Generate Image."

When finished generating, simply click on the image to upload to your canvas. You can always go back and re-edit your prompt or edit the variation for the generator to provide you with more options.

Feel free to edit your ClickSocials template to your liking with the help of the Image Post Creator.


Next, let's try utilizing the Image Post Writer. You can launch the Image Post Writer by clicking or adding any body of text on your design and choosing "Open Text AI Writer."

From here, you can add a description to the text you want to generate, add in keywords, and choose the specific type of text you need for your design (Product Name, Call To Action, Tagline, Keywords, Headline, Paragraph, Feature Stack, and Benefit Bullets.)

For this tutorial, let's try generating a Tagline, Headline, and Feature Stack. When done, choose "Generate AI Text."

When finished, simply click on the "+" sign of each body of text to add and edit onto your ClickSocials template.


Finally, let's utilize Publisher to schedule our ClickSocials social media posts. When finished with your design, don't forget to click on the "Save" button.

To start, click on the "Publisher" section on the top portion of your account.

This is going to provide you with a calendar where you can personalize and schedule out posts for the upcoming months, weeks, or days.

When scheduling posts on Publisher, you'll need to add and connect all of your necessary social media accounts. You can connect your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts; and you can even categorize said posts for Google Drive, Dropbox, and AWS S3.

To connect your social media accounts on Publisher for ClickSocials, simply click on your Profile to open up the dropdown menu, and choose "Settings."

From here, you can set your Google Drive, Dropbox, and AWS S3.

To set up your accounts on certain social media apps, click on "Apps."

This is going to allow you to view all the different social media platforms where you can connect your accounts to schedule your posts on ClickSocials.

To connect your account(s), click on a social media platform, and a pop-up similar to this one should appear. From here, clicking on the blue "Connect" will sync said account to your ClickDesigns. Note that the API of Facebook specifically refreshes every 60 days. In this case, you may have to reconnect your account.

Once your social media accounts are connected, you can now create and customize your own posts with the help of ClickSocials. Going back to the calendar on Publisher, set it to the month you wish to schedule the post on.

Hover over a day you'd like to schedule the post, and from here, click on the "Plus" icon.

Now, you can easily select multiple videos and photos to post on the scheduled day.

When finalized, click on "Publish."


Clicking on "Publish" is going to provide you with more information on your scheduled post. Here, you can select a platform, type, and even generate a caption using our Social AI Writer!

Here, using the Social AI Writer, you can generate content from scratch or generate content from the detected post image. To start, click on "Open Social AI Writer."

Let's start with generating content from scratch. Here, all you have to do is write a short description for your post for the caption generator. You can choose to either generate a "Long Post" or "Short Post," and once ready, choose "Generate Content."

This is what the AI Writer generated for the "Short Post."

Next, this is what the AI Writer generated for the "Long Post."

Now, let's try generating content from the detected post image. Here, all you have to do is click "Generate Content" as this is going to work with your selected design.

This is what the AI Writer generated from the detected post image.

And Voila! That's how easy it is to utilize all of your ClickSocials features!

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