How Do I Use The Image Post Creator For ClickSocials?

In this article, you'll learn how to find and access the Image Post Creator for ClickSocials.


After you've logged into your ClickDesigns account and are on your dashboard, to access ClickSocials, simply select the "Templates" section above your dashboard.

This is going to allow you to view the different categories of done-for-you templates to choose from. To access ClickSocials, choose the "Socials" category and click on it.


Once you find a template you want to work with, simply hover over it and click on the "Edit" icon. This is going to open up the ClickDesigns Editor.

Once the ClickDesigns Editor is opened up, you can launch the Image Post Creator by choosing the "AI Image" category on the sidebar of the Editor.

This is going to launch the ClickSocials Image Post Creator.

Here, you can type in a prompt of any image you wish to generate, choose a variation or style of image, as well as an aspect ratio. When finished customizing your AI Image prompt, click on "Generate Image."

When finished generating, simply click on the image to upload to your canvas. You can always go back and re-edit your prompt or edit the variation for the generator to provide you with more options.

Feel free to edit your ClickSocials template to your liking with the help of the Image Post Creator.

And Voila! That's how easy it is to seamlessly utilize the ClickSocials Image Post Creator!

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