Where Are My ClickDesigns Commercial And Maximizer Templates?

In this article, you'll learn how to find and access your ClickDesigns Commercial And Maximizer Templates.


Firstly, make sure that you're logged into your ClickDesigns account and click "Templates" to be able to access all of your features. Here, you can directly see some of the ClickDesigns features already, such as the Custom Graphics, Logos, Boxshots, Covers, Devices, Bundles, Funnels, and so much more.

These are how you easily access all of your commercial templates. As you click on a certain category, ClickDesigns is going to load up different designs and templates that you can choose from.


As you continue to scroll down through the templates, click on the button that reads "View More." From here, you'll be able to access and view more templates under said category.

The ClickDesigner Maximizer Templates are an additional 2,000 designs that can already be accessed in the different categories of your design library.

Like this, for example, in the "Covers" category, once you scroll down, simply click on "View More," and you'll be able to access tons more design options or Maximizer templates. Feel free to peruse the different design categories under ClickDesigns in order to locate the Commercial and Maximizer templates.

And Voila! That's how easy it is to locate and access your ClickDesigns Commercial and Maximizer Templates.

Please watch and see the process in live action -


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