How Do I Navigate The ClickDesigns Marketplace?

In this article, you'll learn the easy step-by-step process of navigating and making use of the ClickDesigns Marketplace.

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First, creating and customizing your profile on ClickDesigns is strongly encouraged. You can add your name, profile photo, social accounts, company name, company logo, and of course, a tagline for your company.

Your ClickDesigns profile is very important because this is what appears in the ClickDesigns Marketplace. The Marketplace can be found on the top tab of ClickDesigns, next to the tab of your drive.


When you visit the ClickDesigns Marketplace, it not only allows you to display your profile, but it also allows other users to create designs and display them to other ClickDesigners for them to see what you do.

If you wish to view a specific ClickDesigner or their designs on the Marketplace, each design displayed on the platform includes the name of the creator below it. You can easily click on the name of the creator to view their Marketplace profile.

Here, you can see their name, username, company logo, social links, and of course, all the designs that they've made.


If there's a particular design you want to use on the ClickDesigns Marketplace, simply hover over said design, click "Preview," and then click on "Access Now."

From here, click on the drop-down menu of your profile and click on "Download History."

At this point, you'll be able to see all the designs you've downloaded from the ClickDesigns Marketplace so you can easily access them.


To view your Marketplace profile, go back to the drop-down menu of your profile and click on "My Marketplace."

Here, you can modify and customize how your Marketplace profile appears.

Right now, there are thousands of users and their designs that are a part of the ClickDesigns Marketplace — making it a productive community to exchange and share different unique ideas or designs.

And Voila! That's how easy it is to navigate and make use of the ClickDesigns Marketplace.

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