How To Connect Your GoHighLevel Account To Your ClickDesigns Or GrooveDesignerPro Account

In this article, you'll learn the easy step-by-step integration of your GoHighLevel account to your ClickDesigns or GrooveDesignerPro Account.


Firstly, make sure that you are already logged into your GoHighLevel account. You can do this by typing in to ensure that you are logged in.

Once logged into your GoHighLevel account, log in to your ClickDesigns (or GrooveDesignerPro) account, and at the upper right-hand corner, select your Profile Picture, then, click on "Settings."


Under "Settings," select the "Apps" tab. Here, you can see the GoHighLevel icon.

From here, click on the GoHighLevel icon and click on "Connect Account."


Since you're already logged into your GoHighLevel account, here, you can select an account from GoHighLevel that you'd like to connect with ClickDesigns (or GrooveDesignerPro.)

After this, you should receive confirmation that your GoHighLevel account was successfully connected. The notification will read: "Please wait - connecting ClickDesigns (or GrooveDesignerPro) to GoHighLevel."

Once finished, your GoHighLevel account should be successfully connected to your ClickDesigns (or GrooveDesignerPro) account.


Next, go back to your GoHighLevel account and access your created funnels by selecting "Sites."

Choose a funnel to edit by clicking on the three-dot icon next to a funnel and choosing "Edit."

After choosing a funnel to edit, select the drop-down button and click on "Edit Page."


When your page is finally loaded, you may hover over a graphic or design you would like to use, then, on the "Image Settings," you can now scroll down to find the "Image Options."

After selecting the Image Icon, you will then be directed to a window for your GoHighLevel Image Library. Here, you'll find a ClickDesigns folder that you can double-click.

After clicking the folder, you'll now be able to access all of your ClickDesigns (or GrooveDesignerPro) images and graphics on your GoHighLevel library. Here, you can select an image you would like to use to replace the existing image from your earlier page.

And Voila! That's how easy it is to seamlessly integrate your GoHighLevel account to your ClickDesigns or GrooveDesignerPro Account!

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