Where Do I Find All My ClickDesigns AI Tools?

Your ClickDesigns A.I. Tools are automatically added to your account upon upgrading.

You will be using your existing ClickDesigns/GrooveDesignerPro account to access these.

Here's where you can find all your A.I. tools:

The A.I. Text to Image Creator can be found inside your image editor (once you decide to edit an existing design, use a template, or start from scratch), on the lower left-hand side, once you click the "Image AI" button.

You'll need to type in a prompt/description to instruct the system what you'd like to see in your image.

  • Here's an example text-to-image prompt: "Image of a woman wearing a black dress, looking mysterious"
  • Optional: You can type in a negative prompt.
    • Negative prompts (“don't do this“) discourage the A.I. engine from including specific types of output and generating certain types of responses.
  • Here's an example of a negative prompt: "ugly, blurry, out of frame"
  • Select the number of image variations you would like.

  • Choose a style that you would like to use.
  • Choose an aspect ratio you prefer.
  • Then, click the "Generate Image" button.

The A.I. Engine will then generate results based on your prompt, and you can click on the image to use it on your design.

You can also regenerate results or type in a new prompt by clicking the "Edit Description" button.

To access your A.I. Content Writer from the image editor, you need to add a text layer.

On the left-hand side panel, click on the "Text" button, then click on "Open Text AI Writer".

Fill out the blank fields and type in as much information as possible about your brand or product.

Be sure to add your:

  • Product name
  • Product Description
  • Headline
  • Keywords

This will give the A.I. Writer more details to use for the results it will generate.

For example:

Once you're done, click the drop-down menu under the "Select a Text Element" section.

Tick the boxes you would like to see text results of.

These are the content that the A.I. Writer will provide you.

  • Product Name
  • Call to Action
  • Tagline
  • Keywords
  • Headline
  • Paragraph
  • Feature Stack
  • Benefit Bullets

Once you're done selecting the content you need, click on the "Generate AI Text Button".

Wait for the A.I. Writer to generate your results.

Here are some sample results:

You can copy and paste this content and add them to your design, or to your website.

To access the rest of the following A.I. Tools:

  • A.I. Background Removal
  • A.I. Object Removal
  • A.I. Face Cutout
  • A.I. Toonize
  • A.I. Blur Background
  • A.I. Image Enhancer
  • A.I. Color Correction
  • A.I. Photo Art
  • A.I. Object Replacer
  • A.I. Background Replacer
  • A.I. Image Expand
  • A.I. LightFix

You'll need to click or load any image into the canvas and click on the "A.I. Image Editor" editor button.

After clicking the A.I. Image Editor button, you'll see these A.I. powered image editor tools that you can use to enhance your photos or images.

You also get access to the A.I. Image Library.

You can find that by clicking on the "Images AI" link on the navigation menu.

On this page, you can find done-for-you A.I, images and search for different graphics you need by selecting a category, a sub-category, or typing in a keyword, then clicking on "Search".

Once done, you can preview or edit the image directly, which opens up our Image Editor.

That's it.

Now, if you've purchased ClickDesigns+, your account comes with ClickSocials.

If you did NOT purchase ClickDesigns+, you will not have the features below that come with ClickSocials.

For ClickSocials, you can access this by clicking on the "Publisher" link on your top navigation menu.

Under Publisher, you can select an image you would like to publish for a specific social media platform, with a specific date, and then use the A.I. Text Writer for your caption.

To use this, click on the "Open Social AI Writer" button under the Publisher menu.

Type in a prompt under the Description box and select whether you would like a short post or a long post, then click on the "Generate AI Text" button

Once a result comes up, you can copy and paste that post by clicking on the "copy paste" icon on the upper right-hand side of the text box.

Here is an example of the Social A.I. Writer generated content:

After pasting your generated content on the "Enter Caption" field, you can now schedule and publish your social media post.


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