What Are The Feature Differences Between ClickDesigns and ClickDesigns+?

In this article, you'll be able to distinguish the core features between ClickDesigns and ClickDesigns+.


Log in to your ClickDesigns account. Then, you can see all your existing features by clicking "Templates".


Click the arrow on the right-hand side corner to see all your features.

The initial menu categories you will see belong to ClickDesigns, which are included within any of your access levels:

  • ClickDesigns Commercial
  • ClickDesigns Maximizer
  • ClickDesigns Professional
  • Design Pages
  • ClickDesigns Agency
  • ClickThumbnails
  • Marketing Kit


Scroll some more and you'll see all the 8 new core features added to your account by purchasing ClickDesigns+.

  • ClickSocials
  • ClickPackaging
  • ClickApparels
  • ClickPages
  • Covers 2.0
  • ClickPrints
  • ClickInfographics
  • ClickPublishing

That is how you'll know the difference between ClickDesigns and ClickDesigns+.

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