How do I know the dimensions of the image I need for each template?

You can easily find the exact dimensions of the image you will need to use for each template.

Login to your ClickDesigns account and click on a template that you'd like to use.

Once the template has loaded, you'll see the dimensions above each template.

The dimensions will depend on the type of template or wireframe you'll use.

Some templates only have one set of dimensions, especially if they're covers, devices, sheets, etc.

Some templates have more dimensions.

The image below shows 3 dimensions because the boxshot template has 3 sections:

Front, Spine, and Top.

To proceed with your image changes or edits, click on the template.

If you click on "Upload", you can directly upload an image from your local drive.

If you click on "Library", you can choose an image from your existing ClickDesigns library, add any of the designs you've made, or add any stock photo.

Once you click on "Edit", it will bring you to the editor so you can make changes to the template.

Now, you can make customize your template and choose the right image dimensions size to use for each.

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