Why does my account status show me as a "Beginner"?

"I've upgraded my account, but why does it show my status as a Beginner?"

Here's why 🙂

When you log in to your ClickDesigns account as a new user, you'll see your status as a "Beginner" on the upper right-hand corner, beside your profile icon on your dashboard.

💡 This refers to the number of designs a user has made.

As you create more and more designs, your status will change.

For example:

Beginner - Less than 25 designs created

Pro User - More than 50 designs created

Elite User - More than 100 designs created

Expert User - More than 250 designs created

Legend User - More than 500 designs created

Grand Master - More than 1000 designs created

🪧 Don't worry, your account status has nothing to do with your account access or upgrades.

It just refers to the number of designs you've created. 🤩

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