Where Can I Find And Use My ClickThumbnails Features?

In this article, you'll learn the easy step-by-step process of finding and utilizing the ClickDesigns ClickThumbnail features.


ClickThumbnails allows to curate and personalize your very own video thumbnails alongside YouTube's integration with the help of ClickDesigns. To access ClickThumbnails, after you've logged into your ClickDesigns account, click on the "Templates" tab on the navigation bar.

From here, you'll be able to view the different categories of ClickDesigns' graphic templates. Use the arrow button to browse until you come across and select the "Thumbnails" category.


ClickThumbnails is going to allow you to view an array of different thumbnail templates for your videos. On the side of the templates, you'll also be able to view two different categories of thumbnail templates, one with dimensions of 1280x720 and another with dimensions of 640x360.

Aside from having the option to start from scratch, you can also work on an already-made template. For this tutorial, we're going to do the latter. Feel free to browse through the templates and find a template that you want to work with. Once you do, hover over said template and click on the "Edit" icon.


Clicking on the "Edit" icon is going to open up your ClickDesigns Editor. Here, the ClickDesigns Editor is going to present you with several categories on the side of the screen with everything you need to edit and personalize your template. Every single element already on the template is also customizable.

For this tutorial, let's start by changing up the background. Simply click on the "Background" category and if you would like a gradient, choose the "Gradient" tab.

Aside from being able to customize the colors through its corresponding color codes, the editor also allows you to choose premade gradient color combinations.


Next, let's try changing the character graphic. After choosing the "Elements" tab, let's choose the "3D People" category and select a new graphic for our thumbnail.

Let's also try replacing the image behind our new graphic. After choosing the "Illustrations" tab, let's select an image from the "Abstract" category.


Now, let's replace the template's logo. For this tutorial, we're uploading the ClickDesigns logo and adding it to our canvas. Feel free to do the same with your own logo or image.

After we've adjusted the logo to our liking, let's start working with the font. Since this template already has text, simply select the text box you want to alter and make said changes under the "Text" tab.


After you've finally finished with your thumbnail design, don't forget to save your progress by clicking on the "Save" button on the top of the editor.

When saved, you can go back to your dashboard.


Now, let's try utilizing our designs with the help of the YouTube integration with ClickDesigns. First, we have to make sure that our YouTube channel is connected to our ClickDesigns account. To do this, click on the drop-down menu of your profile and choose "Settings."

Once you're on your settings, go ahead and go to the "Apps" tab.

From here, click on YouTube. This is going to give you a pop-up where you can connect your YouTube channel to your ClickDesigns account.


Now that our YouTube channel is linked to our ClickDesigns account, go to the "My Designs" tab and look for the thumbnail that you just finished working on.

Now, click on the ellipsis icon and choose "Set Thumbnail."

From here, this is going to redirect you to a page where you can browse through the videos from your YouTube channel, and any video you select from here will automatically have the thumbnail saved from ClickDesigns uploaded onto your YouTube video.

And Voila! That's how easy it is to seamlessly utilize ClickThumbnails.

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