How Do I Cancel My Free Trial On ClickDesigns?

In this article, you'll learn the easy step-by-step process of cancelling your free trial on ClickDesigns.


Once you get your login details and once you log in to ClickDesigns, your account should look like this:

Additionally, the top portion of the dashboard should indicate the number of days left within your free trial. This free trial will only last for fourteen days.

The upper righthand corner of the dashboard also contains a gold "Crown" icon.


When you click on this "Crown" icon, this is going to redirect you to a page where you can view additional details on your active trial.


If in any case, you would want to cancel your free trial, all you have to do is scroll down on the same page and click on the red button that reads "Cancel Subscription."

And Voila! That's how easy it is to cancel your free trial with ClickDesigns.

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