How Can I Promote ClickDesigns As An Affiliate?

In this article, you'll learn how to promote ClickDesigns as an affiliate.

As an affiliate for ClickDesigns, you have the golden opportunity to offer a transformative solution—an all-encompassing design toolkit that makes professional graphics accessible to everyone. It's about creating stunning, sales-boosting visuals that are as easy as point-and-click, all while watching your own profits and prestige soar. 

You can promote ClickDesigns through several platforms.

First, we have our very own ClickDesigns Affiliate Program and you can get 30% recurring commissions through all your sales.

To know more about this, visit the link here:

You can also promote ClickDesigns through any or ALL affiliate platforms of your choice. You get one-time commissions from any sale you make.

To learn how to become an affiliate through other platforms, visit the link here:

You can promote ClickDesigns through:

ClickBank (50% commissions)

Digistore (50% commissions)

GrooveSell (40% commissions)

JVZoo (50% commissions)

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We’ve created a bunch of promotional assets for you as well.

To view our free report, done-for-you email swipes, banners, email sequences, short CD demo videos, graphics, blog post reviews of CD, bonuses, and social posts, visit the link here:

Here are more details for your promo/campaign:

  • What is ClickDesigns?

ClickDesigns creates professional-level, amazing, and custom graphics for blogs, websites, sales funnels & site builders. It works with Groove, ClickFunnels, Convertri, Instapages, Kartra, Leadpages, Kajabi, OptimizePress, Elementor, Themify, and many more!

You can create logos, boxshots, mockups, covers, worksheets, reports, product bundles, illustrations, graphics, and much more for pre-launch pages, tripwire pages, product launch pages, sales pages, self-liquidating offer pages, upsell pages, oto pages, lead generation pages, landing pages, opt-in pages, bridge pages, webinar pages, registration pages, thank you pages, book funnel pages, pricing pages, affiliate pages, bonus pages, onboarding pages, coaching pages, consulting pages, membership pages, blog pages…

You can also use these graphics for your videos, socials, emails, banner advertising… practically anything that’s visual WITHOUT hiring freelancers, designers, coders, and webmasters.

  • Target

Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Digital Marketers, Course Creators, Coaches, Consultants, Influencers, Social Media Marketers, Bloggers, Authors & Publishers, eCommerce, Software Creators, Freelancers & Work From Home

  • Email List

Graphics, Socials, Videos, eCom, MMO, Affiliate Marketers, Traffic & Offline Marketing Lists.

  • What is the primary pain/problem that ClickDesigns is solving?

Direct problem: creating professional-level graphics for websites, blogs, page builders, and funnels, most people outsource, hire in-house, or learn how to design. ClickDesigns allows anyone to make professional graphics in minutes with zero creative, technical, and design skills or experience needed.

Indirect (root) problem: To get prospects’ attention and convert them into buyers, you need hair-raising designs to set yourself apart from the competition. ClickDesigns allows ANYONE to get record-breaking attraction & engagement like never before possible, get more clicks, and leads, and exponentially increase sales with highly captivating & impactful designs OVERNIGHT!

  • What specific things/problems does the product solve?

Lack of design skills, lack of budget for buying graphics, lack of ideas<br>You’re staring at your text-heavy sales page and don’t have beautiful graphics to match the sales copy - ClickDesigns has specific graphics for every element of your sales page/funnel/blog.

Zero learning curve, no time wasted in learning complicated programs like Photoshop or Illustrator - just point, click, drag and drop.

Instantly create high-quality, professional-level graphics for all your online assets: websites, blogs, and sales funnels WITHOUT freelancers, designers, and webmasters.

It takes weeks or months, BUT ClickDesigns does it in minutes!

Professional software costs too much, ClickDesigns does it all for a one-time, low investment.

  • How does it solve the pain differently than other competitors?

Users can utilize the templates and easily personalize them for their marketing, sales, and advertising needs. Customize graphics to their brand colors and the drag-and-drop, point-and-click editor makes designing easy and fun.

  • But can’t I do this in Canva already?

With ClickDesigns, you don’t need to search around for different design templates - all your marketing and sales graphics are organized in specific categories like logos, mockups, covers, checklists, background themes, funnel graphics, etc. Just head to the relevant category, and there are loads of customizable templates that will crank out pro graphics in minutes.

  • How do I promote ClickDesigns?

You can promote ClickDesigns through email marketing, blogs, social media posts, YT videos, articles, TikTok, Google paid ads, Pinterest, etc.

Please take note of our affiliate guidelines as well.

You agree to adhere to FTC guidelines and local laws when promoting our products and services.

We recommend that you use a redirect link to cloak your affiliate link for higher conversions.

Do not send spam of any kind or junk traffic. Ad Fly, Traffic Monsoon, Safe Lists, or any of these types of “cheap and junk traffic” sources are worthless. Anyone caught doing so will be banned and commissions voided.

Negative words in your marketing are not allowed.

Cash rebates are not allowed.

Affiliates shall NOT create social media pages, channels, or websites using the ‘ClickDesigns’ brand name, i.e. This is to prevent any abuse of our brand, or intellectual property, and avoid customer confusion. Doing so will have your affiliate account terminated.

And Voila! That's how you can become an affiliate for ClickDesigns! What are you waiting for, ClickDesigners?

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