How Do I Crop An Image?

In this article, you'll learn the easy step-by-step process of cropping images in your designs on ClickDesigns.


After you've logged into your ClickDesigns or GrooveDesignerPro account, open up the ClickDesigns Editor by either opening up a template in the "Templates" section or opening up an already-made design in the "My Designs" section.

Hover over a design you want to edit and click on "Edit."


Once you've opened up the ClickDesigns Editor, from here, you can now choose an image to crop.

When you select an image, the Editor is going to open up the "Image Settings." Here, you can immediately see the "Crop Image" option.

You can also see where you can crop your image.


Simply click and drag the cropping point to your liking to crop your image.

You are able to crop the top, bottom, and sides of the image depending on your preference. Once you're finished and have cropped an image to your liking, don't forget to save your work before exiting the editor.

And Voila! That's how easy it is to seamlessly crop images on your designs on ClickDesigns.

Please watch and see the process in live action -

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