How Do I Easily Access My AI Tools?

In this article, you'll learn the easy step-by-step process of accessing your AI Image Generator on your ClickDesigns dashboard.


Once you've logged into your ClickDesigns and are on your dashboard, hover your mouse over to the "Images AI" tab and click on it.

Once you've clicked on the "Images AI" tab, it'll redirect you to a section of ClickDesigns where you can generate picture-perfect AI Images. From here, click on the blue button that reads "Generate New."


From here, you can freely play with, utilize, or experiment with the AI Image Editor.

You can change the AI model, write down your own prompt, select an image variation, choose a style, and even select a personal aspect ratio to generate.


For example, let's try generating an AI image of our own on ClickDesigns. First, write down your prompt using specific keywords.

Next, choose an image variation and style.

Then, pick an aspect ratio of your liking.

And finally, click on "Generate Image."

ClickDesigns will easily generate the AI Images for you as needed, and if you aren't happy with the results just yet - feel free to edit the settings on your generator and re-generate your AI Image(s). This feature request makes it easier for ClickDesigners to easily access the ClickDesigns AI tools directly from the dashboard!

And Voila! That's how easy it is to seamlessly access the AI Image Generator tool from your ClickDesigns dashboard.

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