How Do I Clone My Designs On ClickDesigns?

In this article, you'll learn the easy step-by-step process of using the Cloning Feature on ClickDesigns.


Once you're logged into ClickDesigns and onto your dashboard, click on the "Templates" tab to view all of the ClickDesigns templates.

Click on your desired category, for this tutorial, let's do "Boxshots," then, click on "Start From Scratch."

Here, you can type out a name for your design, and then click on "Continue."


From here, you'll be able to see several different wireframe options of Boxshots to choose from.

Take note of the notice above that reads, "Templates with same color tag can be replicated to each." This means that if a template you choose to design on has a specific color tag, in this case, blue, then the design can be replicated to other wireframes with the same blue tag.

Let's try using the template for the 2D Right Facing Boxshot. To do this, simply hover over the design and click on "Use Template."


Once you select a template, if you're working with a boxshot, click on the front cover and choose "Create."

This will open up your ClickDesigns editor, where you can easily create or upload a design or template to use for your boxshot. If you already have a template you wish to use, click on the "Designs" tab, and then "My Designs."

To upload your personalized design onto your boxshot, hover over the design and click on "Use."

Once the template is on your canvas, click on "Save & Exit" and it should successfully show up on the front of your boxshot.


Now, you can repeat the same steps on the spine of your boxshot.

This will open up your ClickDesigns Editor again, where you can repeat the same process by selecting your design via "My Designs," which will upload it onto your canvas. Again, click on "Save & Exit" once you are finished.

This will show you your final boxshot template, and when you're satisfied, make sure to click on "Save" before you leave the editor.


Now that we're finished with our boxshot, let's say that we'd like to duplicate our design on a Book Cover. Go back to "Templates," click on "Covers," and in the "Book" category, click on "Start From Scratch" again.

After you name your design and click on "Continue," you'll be greeted with several different templates of different angles for Book Covers. When choosing one, remember that you can only replicate designs on templates with the same colored tag, so make sure to look for one with a blue tag indicated on it.

Here, we're using the Front Facing Book template as it also has the same colored tag. Hover over it and click on "Use Template." With the template loaded up, choose "Create" again to open the ClickDesigns Editor.

Here, go back to the "My Designs" tab, and you should be able to select the boxshot template from earlier (you can even search for the design name if needed.)

Once the template is on your canvas, click on "Save & Exit" and it should successfully replicate the boxshot design on the book cover. Don't forget to save your design!

And Voila! That's how easy it is to seamlessly clone your designs on ClickDesigns.

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