I didn't receive my ClickDesigns logins yet, where are they?

First, please confirm that your purchase went through successfully.

Sometimes, you may see a charge on your mobile phone made by your bank, but the status is still "pending".

This means the payment hasn't gone through yet, which is why you have not received your logins.

Once you confirm that your payment has gone through, please check your inbox and wait for the email sent to you by ClickDesigns.

Also, check your Spam folder and Promotional tab.

Please wait for a few minutes for your logins to arrive.

Another way to check if your payment has gone through is by resetting your password.

The reason behind this is, if your payment has gone through, then a ClickDesigns account has been automatically created for you.

Here's how:

This will prompt the system to send you a password reset email so you can still access your account by resetting your password

If after quite some time, your logins have not been sent to you, please contact us through [email protected] and we will look into your account.

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