How To Adjust Curved Text Overlays

In this article, you'll learn how to use and manipulate your curved text overlays to fit into your round graphic


Log into your ClickDesigns account and click "Templates" if you need to look for a rounded template or start from scratch or click "My Designs" if you already have an existing round graphic.

In this case we already have an existing round graphic design that we an use for this tutorial, so I clicked "My Designs", then I chose the Money Back Guarantee seal by clicking "edit".


For the purpose of this tutorial I took off the existing curved text overlays of the money back guarantee seal, let's assume that we are adding the curved text overlays just now.

On the left pane, click "Text" and type in the word or phrase that you want and place it on top of the graphic where you want it. Scroll down and click "Advance Text Style"


Then, on the curved text thumbnail you'll notice a small pencil icon on the corner, click that. You'll see the number inside the bar which indicates the increment of radius.

You'll also see an adjustment bar at the bottom of the numbers. From there, you can move the bar left or right and try to play with it until you get your desired curve results.

It's also the same process when you add curved text overlays at the bottom of the round graphic.


Save your graphic by clicking the "Save" button on top of the page when you are satisfied with your work.

That is how you add and adjust your curved text overlays onto your round graphics.

Please watch and see the process in live action -

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