How to Export Your Design as a Flat Image

In this article, you'll learn how to export flat Images from your ClickDesigns account without any mockup or wireframe included.

Step 1: Choosing A Done-For-You Template to Download

Log in to your ClickDesigns account and click the "Templates" button on top of your dashboard.

For this example, we'll export a flat book cover.

Click on "Covers" and then below covers, click "Books".

Now you can look and choose a book cover that you can edit and export in your local drive.

Step 2: Exporting Your Design

If you see a template that you want to use, just Click "Preview" so you can view the template on a bigger scale.

Then, when you are decided on using the template, close the view window by clicking "X" and click "Use Template"

Type your filename and hit "Continue".

Then you can instantly edit or export the image by just clicking the "Edit" button or the "Export Flat" button.

In this case, we are going to export the design as a flat image, without any 3D mockup or wireframe.

You can choose to download the image in 72, 96, or 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch).

DPI represents the quality of your image, with 300 being the highest definition.

Plus, you can also choose the size of your image if you want the original size, medium, or small.

After clicking the size of your choice, the flattened image will be downloaded to your local drive.

Step 3: Editing Your Template Before Exporting

If you want to further edit the template before downloading it, just click the "Edit" button.

Then you'll be taken to the editor and you'll be able to customize the design according to your preference.

You can change the image and adjust the image size, text overlays, colors, alignment, and a lot more.

Once you're done editing your design, you can preview it first.

Step 4: Exporting Your Edited Design As A Flat Image

If you are happy with how your design looks after previewing it, click "Save & Exit" and hit "Export".

You can choose the file format whether you want "PNG" ,"JPEG" ,"WEBP", or "PDF" before you download the image as a 3D mockup by clicking "Export" .

You can export your design as a flat image by clicking the image again, and clicking the "Export Flat" button, and then selecting the DPI and image size you would like.

Once you select any of the sizes, the image file will be downloaded on your local drive, and you'll get your flattened image.

That is how to export or download any template from ClickDesigns as a flat image, without any wireframe or mockup.

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