How to Install ClickDesigns Chrome Extension

In this article, you'll learn how to install the ClickDesigns Chrome Extension.

Step 1: Launch Your Chrome Browser & Log Into Your ClickDesigns Account

Once you have launched your Chrome Browser and you have logged in to your ClickDesigns account, hover your mouse on top of your dashboard and click the "Activate Chrome Extension" button.

A new tab will open and it will bring you to the Chrome Web Strore.

Then click on the button "Add to Chrome" on the upper righthand side corner of the window once you see the Chrome Extension.

Then a small window will pop up and just hit "Add Extension" as shown on the image below.

After that you'll recieve a notification that ClickDesigns has been added to your Chrome browser.

Step 2: Managing Your Extensions

First, exit the small window so you can see the icons on the upper righthand corner.

Now you can manage your extensions by clicking the "extensions icon", then a dropdown bar will appear and you'll be able to see all your extensions

Then you can click the "Manage Extension Icon" at the bottom of the dropdown bar.

Then, click the "Pin Icon" next to the ClickDesigns icon as shown in the image below.

Once you've pinned your ClickDesigns Extension, you'll be able to see the ClickDesigns icon on the upper right-hand side of your Chrome browser.

Step 3: Finding Your Unique API Key

Now, you need to activate your ClickDesigns Chrome Extension.

You can do this by grabbing the API key from your ClickDesigns account.

Click on your profile icon on the upper right-hand corner, then click on "Settings".

From there, click on the "API Key" tab. Be sure to copy the API key that appears on this page.

Step 4: Adding Your API Key On Your Chrome Extension

After copying your API key from your ClickDesigns account, launch your Chrome Extension by clicking on the ClickDesigns icon on the upper right-hand extensions pane from your Chrome Browser.

Click on the "Do you have an API key?" button.

Paste the API key you copied from your ClickDesigns account, and hit "Submit".

Once your ClickDesigns Chrome Extension is activated, you will see all the designs you've created from your ClickDesigns account visible through the Chrome Extension.

Step 5: Downloading Your Designs From Your Chrome Extension

You can search for a particular design by typing in a keyword, and easily download all of your designs to your local drive without even logging into your ClickDesigns account.

Just hover over the design, and then click on the download icon.

You can also edit your designs by hovering over a design you'd like to edit, then clicking on the pencil icon.

Chrome will automatically launch a new tab where you can edit your design directly from the ClickDesigns dashboard.

If you're a ClickDesigns Agency account owner, you will also be able to view, edit, and download all the designs of your team members. Click on the drop-down arrow, then select "Filter By Team (All)".

You can also view the designs of each team member by selecting their name on the drop-down arrow under "Filter By Team (All)".

Lastly, you can modify the settings of the file formats you download,.

To do so, click on the gear icon on the bottom left of the Chrome Extension.

Then, you can choose to download your designs in PNG, JPG, or WEBP format.

That is how you can conveniently download, organize, and access all your designs directly from the ClickDesigns Chrome Extension, without even logging into your ClickDesigns account.

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